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Flexiclean610 Paste Mixer

Aran FlexiClean mixers are robust for maximum reliability with innovative design features for low operating cost.

Optimized for Minefill and Environmental specific applications, a mixer can be installed as a stand alone unit, or packaged in a plant.

Flanged foot or wheel mount

The mixer of choice for any mine or environmental project.

  • 40 - 200 cubic meters per hour

  • 55 - 90 kW power

  • Rubber Case

  • Conveyor or Static Profile Floor

  • Adjustable height overflow Weir

  • Flanged Foot or Wheel mount

  • Double Flanged Mixer Shafts

  • NEW High Shear, Flexi-mount Blade

  • Unique Aran High Shear Blade Pattern - Reverse Triple Start Helix  

  • Forward or Reverse Discharge to suit your plant layout​

The Aran FLEXICLEAN mixer uses continuous
mixing technology to produce homogeneous
material, suited to:

  • Paste Fill

  • Paste & Aggregate Fill

  • Slurries and Sludges

  • Stabilisation of Reclaimed Subterranean Materials

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